Social Investment Strategy Development and Programme Management

Social Innovations provides an integrated corporate social investment service for medium sized funders who do not have a full internal social investment department and who would like to invest in the education sector.  Our offering includes:

  • review of existing CSI spend;
  • research to understand the strategic intent of the business and how CSI can support it;
  • research into the education sector to develop the flagship programme for the funder;
  • development of the CSI strategy;
  • development of the operational programme, workplans and budgets;
  • finding schools, academic service providers and other partners to work with;
  • development of indicators to be tracked and the monitoring and evaluation frameworks;
  • day-to-day management of the programme;
  • formal reporting and developing materials for annual reports, internal reports and marketing purposes.

. . .

Social Research and Writing

We influence funding and policy decisions by framing the most appropriate questions; digging deep and wide to find the answers; presenting the case; and matching funders and policy makers with the best potential social return.

We can help

Whether you are spending R1m or R50m per year on social investment, a strong social research foundation will help you achieve the best return for your money.  All the social investment programmes we manage have been grounded in research that allows us to tackle the best solution to specific social questions.

In 2018 we considered:

  • how can we best encourage deaf children to discover the joy of reading?;
  • how can we help Grade 4 readers transition from mother tongue tuition to English as the language of tuition?;
  • it has been shown that the intermediate phase is where learners are most likely to become hooked on reading – what programmes can we develop to give that the best chance of happening?;
  • how can we build stronger early literacy foundations for children between 3-6 years old?;
  • how can we invite parents to become a part of the reading journey of their children?

We look forward to working with you to frame the most appropriate questions and help find the answers that will give the most power to your social investment spend.

The power of sharing

Research some years into a programme also allows a funder to assess and profile work done in the social sector.  It also allows those working in similar sectors to share learnings – extending the social impact of their spend.  We have documented the work of Standard Bank, Johannesburg Housing Company, The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants, the National Education Collaboration Trust and others.  Give us a call to explore how we can help you.

Call us on 011 447 5575 to start the conversation or send us a message and we will call you right back.