PEP Academy

As South Africa’s largest provider of school uniforms and a leading provider of clothing and other items to young families, PEP wanted to channel its CSI spend to support the primary school sector.

Social Innovations developed and has managed for 10 years the PEP Academy programme.  An after school academy that provides additional tuition to intermediate phase children as they transition from tuition in the mother tongue (Grade 3) to tuition in English (Grade 4).  This is one of the most challenging transitions in the schooling sector.  The focus of the academies is English, art and drama (as bridges to English) and maths.

  • Learners enrolled 2017: 3 300.
  • Average learner attendance in a voluntary programme 2016: 98%
  • Average increase in literacy performance 2016: 11%
  • Average performance in numeracy performance 2016: 15%

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