On behalf of LegalWise, Social Innovations has worked with the Sizwile School for the Deaf (Dobsonville, Soweto) to develop a library and library programme for the approximately 280 children of the school.  The library programme aims to introduce and promote reading as an activity that is pleasurable and useful; to introduce children to a broad genre of books as well as other content; and to help foster a culture of reading and enquiry at the school.

We have curated a selection of about 1000 books, and have helped the school develop the governance systems to manage the library and have equipped the teachers with reading theory and practical activities to bring their library lessons to life. 

The library has been formally adopted into the school programme, and each child enjoys a structured library period once a week. 

Social Innovations has worked with the academic team at the school to develop a methodology called “Read & Sign”.  Watch the video below as a group of children read a book together during their weekly library period.

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