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Challenge or opportunity?

South Africa’s biggest companies spent over R7 billion last year on corporate social investment.  Trends suggest that this figure will continue to grow year-on-year.  About 40% of this is channelled into the education sector, showing that corporate South Africa views education as its top social priority. 

Many argue that against a basic education budget of R247 billion (2018), corporate social investment is small change where big bucks and systemic change is what is needed.  But as a company with a spend of R1m or R10m each year, you cannot take on the full weight of the challenges faced by the education system. 

But you can fund an intervention that will offer a hundred, a thousand or ten thousand school going children the opportunity to better their prospects.  At the same time, you can use your CSI spend to build your brand and corporate culture.

We can help

We are specialists at taking branded corporate social investment programmes into the schools sector.  Our strengths are research (as the foundation for any programme), programme design and day-to-day implementation and providing monitoring and evaluation frameworks to allow investors to track and report on indicators. 

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